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Shipping Policy


Every session you book with me requires a non-refundable $100 deposit.


This deposit goes into the final cost of your tattoo - for example, if your tattoo costs $200, you'd pay $100 via deposit and $100 after the tattoo is completed. 

All deposit invoices are sent via my Square booking system, if you're unable to pay via Square, let me know by email and I can send you my etransfer details instead. 

In the event that you cancel your appointment, are unable to make it to your appointment, or choose to reschedule the appointment within 3 days of your original booking, your deposit will not be refunded. 

Deposits are only carried forward to other appointments if you reschedule prior to 72 hours of the original appointment. 

Returns Policy


If you require a touch-up after your tattoo has been completed, please send me an email along with photos of the tattoo so I can accurately assess what needs to be done. 

I offer touch-ups free of charge so long as you book your touchup within 3 months of our initial appointment - any touchups after 3 months will be priced as a regular tattooing session.

(However, if you're getting a new tattoo and want me to touch up an old one during your session, I'm always happy to do that pro-bono.) 

Payment Methods


All deposits are done via Square bookings, and can be paid via debit or credit. If necessary, I also accept deposits via e-transfer.

Remaining fees are to be paid via cash or e-transfer at the studio once your tattoo has been completed. 

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